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We are Private Loan Lenders specializing in Hard Money Loans for commercial, residential, income and industrial property types ...


When investing in hard money loans, it is critical to thoroughly screen borrowers, their experience and their success. Open Door Lending has a proven track record of lending to experienced borrowers who make a business of finding properties to purchase at a discount, improving these properties where needed, and selling them at a profit. We lend to skilled businesses who purchase properties below market value, due to the condition they are in or at foreclosure sales with the goal of reselling them for a profit. Because the ultimate intention is to re-sell the property, most of the fixing (in the case of fixer-uppers) is completed in less than 8 months, allowing investors to recover their money in a short period of time.


It is key for Real Estate Brokers to not only have a great relationship with lending banks, but also with private and hard money lenders, so you can provide a full range of lending solutions to your customers, no matter what their financial situation is. As hard money lenders, our goal is to partner with brokers and help them close more real estate deals by providing them with more financing options and a better, more efficient service to their clients. This is why we make sure the submission and underwriting process are as efficient as possible: with quick responses, professional service, and timely funding. We have our own in-house funding source allowing us to provide the flexibility and responsiveness you need to provide excellent service to your clients.


Hard Money Loans are a great option for Borrowers that do not meet the requirements from traditional lending institutions, or do not want to go through their lengthy process. At Open Door Lending we value, underwrite and originate real estate secured loans. We guide borrowers through the entire process, from valuation and origination all the way through funding and closing. Because our servicing department is completely in-house, our loans can be typically closed within 10-14 days after submission.

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